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Strange name for a logistics company, you may think!

About Carrierly!!!!

Because there’s no other expression on earth that in one single moment expresses ecstasy, delight and amazement! And those are the emotions we know, are going to be seen on the faces of all our customers, partners and employees. These are the sounds of exclamations from overjoyed and delighted voices as we move ahead with a carefully crafted personalized service and technology innovation that will create not just ripples but waves! CARRIERLY, as you meet what most last mile delivery companies forget is their only face; the delivery boy…we call them Service Marshals! CARRIERLY, as customers react to his studiously taught, trained, polite and courteous nature. They are our champions and main assets and why shouldn’t they be, we are a service industry aren’t we? CARRIERLY, as you realize that the goods you sent can be tracked. You’ve sat in a plane, haven’t you and watched the little monitor in front, telling you where you are flying over at the very moment. Now just imagine finding out where your precious parcel is at this very moment with the click of a mouse. If you don’t say CARRIERLY, we’ll say it for you, because technology doesn’t cease to amaze us, and it’s that amazement and then curiosity that gets us to use the same new techniques for our own company. CARRIERLY - Its wonderful !!

Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision
To be the most valued technology
enabled logistics company in the World.


Our mission
Our mission is to Provide technology
led customized logistics
solutions to each of our customers.
We Seek to create millions of
Carrierly experirence amongost
all our stakeholders.

Our Services

End To End Logistics

Warehousing Solutions

E-Commerce Logistics

MVATS (Transporttation)

Express Distribution

Cold Chain Solutions

Trading Solutions

Freight Forwarding

Our Franchises

He Fundamental Idea Behind The Carrierly Courier Services Private Limited Franchise Mechanism Is To Foster Entrepreneurship; Create Entrepreneur Opportunities For People From All Walks Of Life; And Form A Channel For Social Change. This Ideology Is Leading To The Insight To Create Budding Entrepreneurs Out Of Energetic Business-Minded Individuals, Who Have The Desire But Lack The Guidance And The Resources To Start On Their Own. Their Alignment With Carrierly Courier Services Private Limited Through The Low-Cost Franchise System Supports Their Requirements Of Capital, Access To Technology, Equipment And Knowledge. This Ignites Their Pursuit For Enterprise And Transforms Carrierly Courier Services Private Limited Into A Household Name. It Is Also Creating Uncharted Employment Avenues For The Downtrodden And Empowered Innumerable First-Time, Independent And Unorganized Entrepreneurs. It Is An Extraordinary Vision Of 'Sharing Of Wealth' That Goes On To Extend Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Urban And Rural Population As Well. This Will Be Achieved By Setting-Up At Least One Franchisee, At Subsidized Rates, In Each Taluka What's More, The Scope Of This Franchise Chain Never Ends. Carrierly Courier Services Private Limited Is Now Running A Special Project To Facilitate Subsidized Outlets For Army People Who Suffer Injuries At Work.

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