Comparison Health Insurance vs. Bio Health Saver Plan

Insurance Bio Health Plan
No Pre Existing Desease Covered All Pre Existing Desease Covered
There are age limits No age limits
Only for hospitalization Included pre hospitalization
Desntistry is not covered All dental treatments included
Annual Spending Limit is Fixed No Limits on Services
Doesn't covered OPD (Consultation & Examination) OPD is covered even with super specialist doctors also
Pre Medical Check-up Required No Pre Medical Check-up Required
Rate-discount vary as per age, cover, past records Same rates for all memebers
Group insurance is very expensive BHCI health Plan for family is most important
Pathology & Radiology tests are not included till hostpitalization All Pathology & Radiology tests are included at all stages - for any tests!
Lot of terms & conditions while claiming No restrictions on while processing the concession

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