Encouraging Enterprenaurship

The fundamental idea behind the Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited franchise mechanism is to foster entrepreneurship; create entrepreneur opportunities for people from all walks of life; and form a channel for social change. This ideology is leading to the insight to create budding entrepreneurs out of energetic business-minded individuals, who have the desire but lack the guidance and the resources to start on their own. Their alignment with Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited through the low-cost franchise system supports their requirements of capital, access to technology, equipment and knowledge. This ignites their pursuit for enterprise and transforms CARRIERLY COURIER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED into a household name. It is also creating uncharted employment avenues for the downtrodden and empowered innumerable first-time, independent and unorganized entrepreneurs. It is an extraordinary vision of 'sharing of wealth' that goes on to extend entrepreneurship opportunities for urban and rural population as well. This will be achieved by setting-up at least one franchisee, at subsidized rates, in each taluka What's more, the scope of this franchise chain never ends. Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited is now running a special project to facilitate subsidized outlets for Army people who suffer injuries at work.

Franchisee Structure


If you are interested in becoming a Franchisee, you will benefit from knowing in details about this scheme. For instance:.

  • How Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited categorises the country into different categories of cities and towns
  • The different franchisee types relevant to those cities
  • Normal
  • Subsidised
  • Rural/Satellite
  • Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited also does a background check of the individuals involved to ensure he/she fits into this business
  • Franchisees are selected based on the available areas and the market potential
  • There are also some ready opportunities where the franchisees are already set up, ready to be taken over and operated from day one
  • Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited also guides the prospective applicants through the process and helps them to decide what franchise suits them best
  • You can refer to online Application for the complete guide to becoming a Carrierly Courier Service Private Limited franchisee
  • Ground Floor premises facing road Franchise Fees

    For HUB and Master Franchisee requirement are considered on a case to case basis

    For Area Office(AO) initial startup cost is Rs. 200000

    For Booking office, it is Rs. 5000(Five thousand only)

Franchisee Structure


Assured returns on investment

Instant access to a Network of channel partners

Backing of a National Brand with strong goodwill in the market

A sustainable business model that allows you to grow continuously

Access to a holistic basket of products allowing you to cover all the end-to-end needs of clients

Availability of Premium Products, which are Best-in-Class in terms of yield and service levels

Opportunity to diversify, along with the company, into various arenas of Consumer Service-Oriented Businesses – which is the fastest growing industry segment in India

Franchise Form

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